WE are now taking Fridge and Freezer Cardboard, pop and beer boxes. 

WE ARE UNDER CONSTRUCTION 5/3/2021 - 5/19/2021. Single File Traffic ONLY. Be Prepared for Delays. We will remain open

PASSES Required: HOURS OF OPERATION: 7 AM - NOON SATURDAYS, 1PM - 6 PM WEDNESDAYS. N2723 440TH ST outside of Downsville. REPLACEMENT PASSES $10 for one, $20 for 2. 

Please place aerosol cans in steel bin only

We are now accepting hearing aids, glasses, cell phones and sharps - Lions Club will manage 

At the August 27th meeting with the county, The county informed the municipalities that the waste and recycling program for each town household would have had to pay $329.15 per year. That is $85/person. They have since reported in newspapers and handouts at the site that it was $68/household.

The town held an Emergency meeting on August 31, 2020 where the town board voted to pull out of the Dunn Co. Solid Waste and Recycling Program and take over the Dump Site at N2723 440th St for all households. This decision created many meetings to determine haulers, town cooperation with other government(s) and RU paperwork responsibilities.

On September 22, the Town of Dunn signed an agreement with the Town of Weston to use the site. This will bring in more per capita and reduce the cost of the program. 

Beginning January 1, 2021, we will provide Garbage and Recycling services at the Pitt Lake Collection Site at N2723 440th St, Menomonie, WI.  Depending on when we can do renovations to the site, we will have 3 compactors for dual stream recycling and garbage. Although the renovations will make the first year more expensive, future years will be quite a reduction in price. At NO TIME, will we ever get to the County's $80/resident price. 

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Please note what can and cannot be put in the Fibers container. The more exceptions that are in the container, the more expensive it is to haul away. Please save you and your neighbors money by recycling properly. Thank you

Please note what can and cannot be put in the Recyclable Container. Please know that the more no recyclable material in the box, the more expensive it is to haul away. Please save you and your neighbor some money, so passes can get cheaper. Thank you

Why No Fridge or Freezer Boxes???

2021 Recycling Guide (normally sent with taxes)

Dual Stream Recycling

CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) Safety
Compact Fluorescent Lamps contain Mercury. Please bring to the Pitt Lake Collection Site. We will not charge for most lamps. There is a charge for the town to get rid of these lamps. Thank you for recycling. 

Solid Waste and Recycling Program Introduction Letter

2020-02 ORD Responsible Unit Recycling Ordinance